Facebook Places and foursquare – Can your mobile customers find you there?

facebook places I just completed a workshop on Facebook Places and foursquare for business people at the BizConNH Social Media Community Monthly Meeting in the Monadnock Region of NH. Although people are not as mobile/social savvy here as say Boston or Manhattan, our group was engaged and could see the potential for mobile users to make shopping choices “on the street” and learned new ways to connect with customers. It’s important for these business to be found by “flatlanders” that come to town for the quaint towns and villages experience in Peterborough, Keene and surrounding towns, and as well as local mobile users. Mobile users share more in social media and can of influence others to come with their comments, photos and reviews.

Although Facebook Places with the Facebook user base of 750 million people is definitely the “Place” to be, there are other players in the geolocation market allowing customers to actively check-in to your business on their mobile devices. Do you know who they are? Are you doing anything to delight them? Local businesses that get involved can get ahead of the competition or at least stay in the game by doing so.

foursquare geolocation sharing service with checkins and 10 million usersFoursquare recently reached the 10 million user benchmark and Brian Solis gave an overview of their progress in his blog post Foursquare Now 10 Million Strong: Has Your Business Checked-in? Their growth rate has out-paced Twitter. Does this give you an idea of how important the mobile user engaged in social media is to your business? Read the rest of this entry »

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Do Mobile Website Vistors Love Your Web Design?

Mobile internet use is growing rapidly, with about 205 million mobile data users in the United States1. In recent years mobile devices have become much more sophisticated, and frankly, much more useful. The mobile web is no longer a novelty.

Three years ago we took our first steps in making our own site “iPhone friendly” by adding an alternative to the Flash-based navigation, to be used when a browser doesn’t support Adobe Flash. This simple change made our site usable, but zooming and scrolling in two directions isn’t an ideal experience.

We’re usually so busy working on clients’ sites that our own site gets neglected, but recently we took the next step and created a simplified version of our site that’s optimized for mobile devices. If you go to www.consensus-technology.com on any of the popular smartphones you’ll be automatically redirected to this optimized site. It has the information we think mobile users are most likely to want, presented in a very straightforward way.

The footer of each page contains a large “View Full Site” link so users can easily get to everything, but the things they’re most likely to want are now much easier to find. For instance, the mobile contact page lets them ‘tap’ to call us, and includes a link that opens the Map application to find our location and get directions. (If a particular phone doesn’t have this feature then it will open Google Maps instead.) As we gather statistics on how the site is being used we may make adjustments to its content and design.

What Are People Saying About Your Mobile Website?

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Celebrating the Arts on Facebook

lawrence siegel, music composer, best of new hampshire

We’ve always embraced artistic endeavors and have many clients and friends in the arts. Recently we started a ‘celebrate the arts’ feature on our Facebook page. Each Friday, as we wind down our work week and look forward to some recreation, we celebrate the creativity and hard work of an individual or group involved in the arts. This week we’re focusing on our friend and client, “Best of NH” composer, Lawrence Siegel.

Larry is currently in Houston preparing for a major concert: on November 23rd the Houston Symphony and Houston Symphony Chorus will perform a full symphonic version of “Kaddish”, Larry’s oratorio which draws on the actual words of Holocaust survivors. “My intention in writing it is to make common cause with those who survived the Holocaust. I want the audience to feel some shadow of what the survivors felt and feel. I want us to carry in our hearts, and, metaphorically, on our backs, those who perished.” says Larry. The work is powerfully direct, never more so than in the resilient, defiant, and joyful closing movement, “So Here I Am”.

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